Non-Stop Windmills

We had completed the Windmills ride a couple of times, along with me doing some short laps around the village circuit. This was to get me fit enough to attempt the windmills without stopping.

This was a goal, of which I had two. The first was to complete the course without stopping. The second was to complete the course and beat the guy who runs!

As it turned out I managed to achieve both goals in one. Having not seen our running partner (he usually passed us a couple of times on-route) I thought he must have taken a short cut. It turns out I had beaten him for the first time which is why I hadn’t seen him.

This ride is slightly shorter than the first one we did, as we lost the runner who knew where he was going, the two of us who ride went the wrong way!

Ride Details:

Distance: 6 miles

Time Taken: 43.29

Elevation Gain: 393ft

Not a bad ride out this one, took 8 minutes and 30 odd seconds off my first ride time so I was very pleased all round.

The First Time

Time for the first ride out, it’s 8.30 on a Sunday morning and we drive with bikes in the back of the van to the starting point of the 10km course.

This is my first introduction to the windmills course, it was something that had been done for a charity run earlier in the year so we thought we would check it out. The friend who was running with us had done the course for the charity run so knew where he was going.

As first rides go this is quite tough, not just because I hadn’t been out on my bike for a good few years, but some of the hills are quite steep when you are just starting out.

I use the Strava app to map my rides so had a good idea of how long it had taken. You have to take these on face value as I have ridden with other people who use this app, side by side, pedal for pedal and for some reason we have done different distances and climbed different height! The details go like this:

Distance: 6.3 miles

Time Taken: 52:52

Elevation Gain: 407ft

Not bad for a first ride out, but I know I can get the time down as this is the moving time, not the overall time which must have been closer to an hour as I had to stop several times for a breather.

Where it all Started

In the beginning…

I’ve ridden bikes for years and had one in recent years for at least the last 8 years, but never really ridden it.

Early this year (2013) I decided to buy a new bike and actually use it. I saw a cheap Muddy Fox bike outside Sports Direct and decided to buy it – If they had one it in would have been there and then, but I had to wait and buy it online when I got home.

The bike only cost £80 so you can already tell it wasn’t going to be great, but hey it was a bike and I was going to ride it. I also bought some cycling shorts as the sdalle looked like a razor!

It wasn’t until a conversation at my youngest daughter and wife’s joint birthday party, at the end of May, that I actually had the motivation to start riding again. A friend of mine suggested he would come out with me for a ride on a Sunday morning, followed by another friend who would run the route whilst we rode!

So there it was, the first ride was set up, a sunny Sunday morning at the Windmills and we were off.