Where it all Started

In the beginning…

I’ve ridden bikes for years and had one in recent years for at least the last 8 years, but never really ridden it.

Early this year (2013) I decided to buy a new bike and actually use it. I saw a cheap Muddy Fox bike outside Sports Direct and decided to buy it – If they had one it in would have been there and then, but I had to wait and buy it online when I got home.

The bike only cost £80 so you can already tell it wasn’t going to be great, but hey it was a bike and I was going to ride it. I also bought some cycling shorts as the sdalle looked like a razor!

It wasn’t until a conversation at my youngest daughter and wife’s joint birthday party, at the end of May, that I actually had the motivation to start riding again. A friend of mine suggested he would come out with me for a ride on a Sunday morning, followed by another friend who would run the route whilst we rode!

So there it was, the first ride was set up, a sunny Sunday morning at the Windmills and we were off.

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