A New Bike

I haven’t ridden too far on the bike I bought early in 2013 from Sports Direct. It’s a Muddy Fox Impel and to be fair as an entry level bike it’s OK, but now I’ve been advised that a new one would help, especially on some of the harder climbs. It would also help me go faster downhill as the gearing is a bit middle of the road, not great going up and slow going down.

So what to choose.

If all else fails call my brother, he knows what would suite best. He suggests all sorts of gearing and special brake configurations etc. So I just go on eBay and see what’s about. Having sent a couple of links to him we decide that a Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc would be the way to go.

Ideally I don’t want to drive too far to pick a bike up, and with a top price in my mind of £200 against a bike that is around £400 new I have already limited the field down quite a bit.

When you look around there are actually quite a few great bikes about and also sadly some real dross. I was lucky to find the bike I did. I had been watching it all week and when the time came to bid there were a couple of people interested and the price went up quite quickly.

I’m no eBay expert but I know when to bid and when to leave well alone. I also like to come in at the last few seconds, don’t give the competition any chance of upping their bid. With only a few seconds left I had placed my bid and won!

The bike was only 30 miles away so arranged to pick it up that afternoon.

And here it is, the eBay picture of my current bike!

specialized hardrock sport

Bike Stolen

I bought a new bike to start getting fit, but had no-where to put the old one I had.

Not wanting to send it to the tip we decided to give it to charity, but had to store it somewhere first. Round the back of the house should be a safe place.

We live on an estate in a rural area, you can’t get around the back of our house without either climbing over a 6ft fence or over an 8ft hedge. Unless of course you come through the massive hole in one of the fences caused by some contractors late last year. Knowing all this we still decided to put the bike around the back of the house – you can’t see it from the road, only if you are snooping around the garden.

We left it out for a few weeks until one night when I put my new bike away I realised the old one had gone. I had to double-check as I’d just got into bed. Yes it’s gone.

The next day by some coincidence I spotted the bike that had been stolen around the corner at a neighbour’s house! I went round later that evening and I turns out that the bike had actually been stolen the week before (shows how observant we are) and someone who was cutting the long grass across from our neighbours house had found it and given it to them.

The bike had been dumped no more than 50 yards from our house, probably realised that it wasn’t worth taking – which it wasn’t hence why I had bought another one.

The neighbour instantly said I should take it back, he’d called the police when he was given the bike and they said if no-one collects it he could keep it. He was going to give it to his grandson who was mad about bikes. As I didn’t want it and he was actually doing me a favour we decided he could keep it.

All ended well, but made me very aware that there are some lovely people out there who will wonder around your garden and take anything that isn’t nailed down. Needless to say we fixed the fence that afternoon.