100 Miles and Counting

I have finally broken the 100 miles ridden on my Strava app this weekend, and no that’s not for one ride, that’s the total I have done in the 3 months I have been riding again.

The main stats are as follows, these are year to date

Distance: 106 miles

Rides: 20

Elevation Gain: 8,556 ft

Time taken: 12 hours 44 mins

I am riding slightly further now as I have decided not to follow set routes and just go where the feeling takes me, hopefully I will get to the next 100 miles a little quicker, in terms of time taken and months.

As the nights draw in, it’s time to get some lights out and cycle routes that are lit, at least partially.

No pictures today as it was very misty when I went out, nothing to see really!

One thought on “100 Miles and Counting

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