Fading Light

The nights are drawing in, now that we have reached September, so this is the first time I have used lights on my bike for a number of years!

As the sun went down over the Pennines I decided to ride towards the Windmills, but take a shorter route that I have ridden before which loops back to where I started – once I got up top . I am basically riding up hill for a couple of miles or so before I reach kind of a plateau (but believe me it’s not flat!) which I can either take the shorter loop that I did this time, or the longer loop in the other direction which takes me around the windmills course.

I love riding in this area, much more than the church 10k as it allows time to recover from the climb up, gives me the length of ride that is similar to the church 10k but isn’t quite as hard. You might think that I should take the harder option, but I think I would prefer to enjoy the ride, especially when I am finding it tough going (like I did on this ride), than killing myself around a course that I just don’t get on with.

It’s a shame because there are some great views on the church 10k but only after you have slogged round most of the trip so I’m usually too tired to either care or enjoy them!

So on to the details of this ride.

Ride Details

Distance: 7.1 miles

Time Taken: 45:34

Elevation Gain: 600ft

Part of the reason I like to go out – and one of the things that keeps me going when I really don’t want to continue, are the views. I will try to take pictures of different parts of each ride, maybe from different angles, but with fading light it isn’t always possible. Here are a couple of shots from today’s ride.



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