No Second Wind

I looked out of the window this morning to be greeted by bright blue skies, today will be a good day for a ride I thought.

After a bit of should I shouldn’t I , will I won’t I, I decided to get myself sorted and go out for a ride – a big one as this will be my last for a couple of weeks with a trip to the hospital looming large next week.

What I hadn’t taken into account was how breezy it was out there. Not really windy, not dangerous to ride in, just breezy enough to make it hard to cycle in, because no matter which direction I was going in, the wind always seemed to be in my face!

The route I have been taking recently starts uphill for about a mile then after a quick flat stretch comes the short but hard climb up top. I kind of knew after about 300 metres that I didn’t have it this morning, nothing in my legs and struggling with breathing.

I usually get to the top of the first hill, have a breather whilst on the flat, then once I’ve had a moment at the top of the hard climb I get a second wind, ready to do the windmills course or at least ride around a shorter course with some great sprints. Today, nothing. Nothing in my legs, no air in my lungs and with the wind in my face no motivation to push on. I tried a short sprint that I wanted to beat me previous time on, but with the wind I was going nowhere fast, so I did the unthinkable, I turned round and rode home.

I didn’t just come straight home, I did manage to climb Up Top (from behind so it’s hardly a climb) then it’s all downhill until I get home. The downhill is great, I try to hit top gear and peddle as much as I dare, hitting nearly 30 mph which for me is fast enough when you are weaving past parked cars and hoping no-one pulls out of their driveway.

Ride Details

Distance: 5.4 miles

Time Taken: 37.31

Elevation Gain: 441ft

I think I may have put myself off by stopping to take this picture half way up the first hill! The best of the pictures I take I run through Instagram to enhance some of the features (including the one below). They can been seen on my Instagram page here.

Looking towards Up Top

Looking towards Up Top

Even now, a few hours after going out, I feel like I have done at least 20k, still nothing in my legs and just feel stiff. Time for a break now to get some bits sorted in the hospital next week so hopefully back to full fitness and back out on the road soon.

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