Selling Out?

When I set up this blog I only ever had the intention of cycling and blogging about cycling.

Since then I have covered a few miles, bought a new bike and enjoy riding through the countryside where I live.

So I feel like I am selling out a bit as I have started to think about taking up running! I’ve never really liked running, I’m not really built for distance and I don’t enjoy it that much, it’s just something I have started to want to do. So much so that I have been out and bought some running shorts (so I really do have all the gear…). The last time I ran any distance (apart from the Sport Relief Mile in 2012) was at school. I used to run the 1500 meters, the first 1300 meters would be jogged, trying not to stop, then the last 200 meters I could sprint as that’s what I could do, sprint.

I want to do this for two reasons – and no I won’t be stopping riding, just supplementing my rides with a spot of jogging, which brings me onto reason one. It’s dark out there, very dark. Much as I like being outside, not being able to see very well makes riding in an evening or first thing in the morning quite difficult – weekends are OK but the rest of the week I will struggle, especially when it comes to motivation.

The second reason is perhaps the more important, I want to compete in a Triathlon. Me, an overweight, fairly unfit, fortysomething wants to combine three sports into one and complete them one after another – for fun.

I only want to do it once mind, I’m not wanting to take it up as a sport, but ever since I realised that the London Marathon is about 25 miles to far for me I have wanted to do something just once before I’m too old to want to try.

There is a fairly easy (by triathlon standards) event run once a year a few miles away from where I live. It consists of a 400m swim in a pool, 16km bike ride and 4.5km run. The swim and the bike I know I can handle, separately at least. It’s the run that I’ve got no chance with and what needs the work. I’m not kidding myself though, I am aware that it’s going to be tough to do all of these three disciplines one after the other, let alone one at a time.

So I am going to use this blog to not only chart progress with my rides and the views I see when I’m out, but also to talk about my quest to get myself from total non-runner to doing at least 5km on a regular basis.

Wish me luck!

Please feel free to leave any comments

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