I’m spinning around (move outta of my way!)

I only found out the other day that riding an exercise bike was called spinning, all that time I just thought it was just a plain old exercise bike!

I’ve owned my bike for the best part of 10 years or more, only using it as a clothes horse and a place to dry my towel. Kind of expensive bit of kit to just hang clothes on but hey, I never really took to riding a static bike. I guess that’s why I enjoy riding outside now, being able to look at the views and breath in the fresh air. But not today.

No matter how nice it looked outside there was little chance of me being able to get out in the sunshine. Having taken my son’s under 7 football team just before lunch to a crushing defeat to our local rivals, I was knackered and needed a break. I then took the time to clear the exercise bike of clothes and said towel, so I thought I might as well see how I felt after a few minutes of gentle peddling.

To my surprise I felt really good after the first 10 minutes, the time I used to give up at when I last used the exercise bike. Even at 20 minutes, a personal record, I wasn’t really out of breath. It was only when my mobile rang at just over 25 minutes that I started to feel like I was exercising, taking the call and thus clocking up more km than I intended. I only wanted to ride 10km to see how long it took – on the road around the windmills 10km takes about 30 minutes riding flat out but still taking a breather on some of the downhill sections. On the exercise bike with constant peddling I manged 11.2km in 30 minutes, which included taking the phone call and dropping the tv remote on the floor whilst trying to get the football in HD.

I won’t be blogging about my personal spinning exploits from now on, I just wanted to share my first experience of it in quite some time whilst it was fresh in the memory.

I realise that I will need to push myself a little harder on the exercise bike than I did today to get anywhere near how it feels out on the bike in the winter sun, but for a first time in a long time I don’t think I did too badly.

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