Just (over) Do It

I got up this morning and ate breakfast, which is nothing new, but today I decided to venture out on the bike for the first time in three weeks, early doors this time instead of my recent after lunch jaunts out. I wasn’t really in the right frame of mind but as the Nike slogan says – “Just Do It”, so I did.

My problem of course is that I can’t just go out and enjoy a quick ride around the countryside, no, I have to test out how fit I think I am even though as I have already said, I haven’t been out for three weeks and have only done 1 spinning session in the past two weeks. The word pillock springs to mind.

I wanted to ride to a place I know very well, it has great views across the Pennines and is the place I learnt to ride a motorbike around 30 years ago. I took some pictures of the view which are below, very disappointing with the weather, a mixture of mist and freezing cold rain.

The over doing it came from trying to ride up a very steep hill as fast as I could, normally I would be in a low ish gear, probably 8th (out of 24) I tend to not use the lower gears on the smallest cog unless the chain slips onto them, feels like too much effort for no real gain. This time I decided to stay in a higher gear, stand up and peddle hard, almost to a stand still. Last time I did this i was nearly sick. This time was similar, burning in the lungs and an overwhelming feeling that breakfast was on its way back.

The only good news from this silliness is that I managed a personal best up said hill on Strava! Little compensation for overdoing it in the first 10 minutes and struggling along for the rest of the ride. That’s the worst thing, I struggled along and didn’t enjoy the ride. To be fair the wind and icy rain didn’t help either, but you can work through that if you are happy with the way things are going. Burning lungs, fast beating heart and nothing in the legs, which you can’t shake off makes the whole thing a bit of a drag.

This is one of the few times that I have rode to a location, stopped for a rest and a drink, then turned round and went back exactly the same way as I had come. I like to do a circuit, yes I may enter and exit the circuit the same way but I like to go round rather then just there and back. There was another first today too. This is the first time I have dismounted and walked. Up a very steep hill. Not because I couldn’t make it, I just couldn’t see the point in peddling like a windmill going nowhere when it was just easier to get off and push. Part of my triathlon training I told myself, learning to walk / run straight after getting off the bike – try it, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

A misty view across the Pennines - one of my favourite views spoilt by the weather

A misty view across the Pennines – one of my favourite views spoilt by the weather

Looking back towards home in the mist

Looking back towards home in the mist

Ride Details

Distance: 6.1 miles

Time Taken: 48:59

Elevation Gain: 506ft

I am trying to get as much distance covered as possible with a view to breaking the 200 mile mark for this year!

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