If You Go Down to the Woods Today

You may just get a big surprise – I kind of did when I took the bike to Center Parcs for the weekend and ended up off-road somewhere I never knew existed.

I decided to take the bike, along with the kids bikes to the Nottingham Center Parcs for the weekend, not really expecting to go further than the village centre and back. I took my cycling gear with me, shorts, a couple of tops and a waterproof just in case and I’m really glad I did.

I managed to get out and have a proper cycle round the whole place, not just on the roads either. At the top of the village there is a path that takes you off-road behind the villas right round until you reach the nature reserve. The track is covered in pine needles and bark chippings that I think will have been put there to soak up some of the standing water. The picture below shows the track.

A view along the track at the back of Center Parcs

A view along the track at the back of Center Parcs

I also took some lights with me, being the last weekend in November I was never going to get much cycling time in the light. What I hadn’t banked on was the glorious sunset over the lake I managed to shoot with my iPhone (all of my pictures are taken with my phone). I almost cycled past, but took the opportunity to turn round and appreciate the view and take what I think it a stunning shot.

A simply stunning view across the lake at Center Parcs

A simply stunning view across the lake at Center Parcs

I only went out for about 30 mins per ride, logging two of them which I have merged together, details below.

I haven’t counted the time I took to ride to the shop when we found out that the bread we took with us had gone mouldy, or the trip back from taking the car to the car park and riding back to the villa (which was on the other side of the village). If I had, I would have broken the 200 mile mark for the year!

Ride Details

Distance: 9 miles

Time Taken: 58:33

Elevation Gain: 176ft

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