Last Ride of 2013

This was my last ride of 2103, the longest I have ever been and possibly the best time I have had so far. I have finally broken the 15 mile barrier for the first time which is pleasing.

Riding with other people is always preferable to riding alone, I think you are motivated to go further and try different things when you are with someone else and it was the same this time out.

The only problem I have encountered is the gear shift has broken (for the front cogs) so I am stuck on the middle cog – not a major issue as I usually ride on this gear most of the time, it’s just annoying when you are going downhill and want to pedal faster.

This post is just a reminder to myself of what I can achieve and how far I can ride rather than being anything interesting or witty (I like to think some of my other posts fit into this category).

Today’s ride took me out towards the windmills but not my usual route. We went up around a couple of tracks rather than on the roads, then followed part of the windmills route. Having stopped to admire a couple of houses we headed off towards Winscar Reservoir above Holmfirth. This is where the gear shift broke so we decided to turn around and come back, via the back of the windmill route, finishing off-road at the back of the local farm.

The details don’t really matter in terms of time, it was a good ride out and fun off-road.

Ride Details

Distance: 15.4 miles

Time Taken: 1:54:34

Elevation Gain: 1,159ft

As usual I took some pictures, which are below

Looking down the track above the farmers field

Looking down the track above the farmers field





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