Longer, Faster, Harder

I read an interesting post the other day about showing off when talking about how far you can ride – it’s about riding 100 miles in one go, which for me isn’t a goal, it’s more like a month of rides for me!

It got me thinking about how I evaluate my rides and if I should map how far I go at all. After all I don’t ride a road bike, I ride off-road and on country lanes, up and down tracks, bridal ways and the like. I still track everything using Strava and like to see how far I’ve gone but does it really matter?

Probably not, well no actually no it doesn’t matter how far, how long, how high, how hard or how many times I ride. All that matters is that I enjoy what I am doing, more so recently now that I am riding with other like minded, but infinitely fitter people who are pushing me to my limits. I come home covered in mud, struggling to stand and still out of breath – you can’t map that on an app or measure the effect on your body or mind with any form of technology currently available. Nothing can tell you how hard it was to ride in 6 inches of mud or up a stream that was once a country path.

I will still map my rides on Strava – that is until I change phones to Windows 8 which currently doesn’t have a Strava app. I will still want to know how far and how long, to see it all on a map to make sense of the crazy routes and how we can improve the experience. I am also still going to write about the rides I go on, detail how far and how long, because I want to, not because I am trying to show off or prove anything to anyone except myself.

This week I have ridden longer, faster and harder. This was partly on road around the windmills and partly off-road in some new places and along some new tracks and trails.

The first ride of the year was a good one, out with friends, covered in mud but happy!

Ride Details

Distance: 15.3 miles

Time Taken: 2:02:20

Elevation Gain: 1,458ft

Below is a picture of me out and about above Holmfirth / Jackson Bridge / Hepworth



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