And They Say it Changes When The Sun Goes Down, Around Here

I took a couple of pictures whilst out on Wednesday night which I wanted to share here. Nothing really remarkable happened on this ride out, just that I only just made it back round before the light went totally. I have lights but don’t really like riding when it is pitch black as there are no street lights where I go and it can be a bit dangerous in places, especially as the roads are in a shocking state.

The one thing I did notice this evening was the temperature difference where the road dipped so the sun hadn’t been able to warm the air. The air was still anyway, with no breeze, but the difference in temperature in a couple of places was very noticeable, which was very odd. What does change when the sun goes down is the temperature which is something I am going to need to remember if I manage to get out again after work this year.

Apart from that this was a simple case of getting some miles in the legs, going a slightly different way to add a bit of distance and then riding on past the car (yes I drove up the hill again to make sure I got back before the sun went down).

As the sun goes down

As the sun goes down

Cows in a fields

Cows in a fields


Ride Details

Distance: 9.8 miles

Time Taken: 46:20

Elevation Gain: 440ft

Average Speed: 12.7 mph


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