Woe is Me!

It’s been a long time, a very long time. Too long I would say, but I have finally found the motivation to write about where I have been for the last 6 months.

The easy answer is nowhere, not on the bike anyway.

Where I have been is a bit more complicated and not really something I am going to go into detail on my cycling blog, maybe one day I will write about it on my other blog Loads of Things which talks more about, well, loads of things that aren’t to do with fitness or cycling.

Just to say that I have had a trip to hospital in January, intensive care no less, for a bout of Sepsis and since then have been struggling with an immune system condition which leaves me very tired, lethargic and feeling more than a little unwell from time to time, hence why I haven’t been out on my bike for the best part of six months.

Yes I’ve had the odd ride with the kids, I even took the cubs (my son is part of the local cub group) for a ride out on a local cycle route and had one quick windmill circuit (which nearly killed me!) but apart from that nothing.

Considering the last time I rode in anger was mid December 2014, where I managed just over 30 miles in one go, the last six months have put me back basically to the start. I am also missing three Triathlons (two of which I was looking to enter) and the chance to ride the coast to coast with my brother-in-law.

All of the fitness I had built up, the leg muscle and tone on the calfs now just a distant memory. Will I ever have the stamina and patience to do it all again?

I can’t decide if I want to do it all again, start from the beginning, short rides to build up stamina, feeling like your heart is going to pump out of your chest at the first sign of any kind of exertion.

It could of course all have been worse, I could have died (and no that’s not being mellow dramatic it was a possibility) or I could have been left unable to ride. I should look on the bright side and get myself out there, after all summer is almost here and there will be no better chance than now to get out there and get fit again. I just need to find some motivation and to feel well enough to go out for sustained periods over the next few months.

So woe is me, it’s been a tough six months, but time to put it all behind me and start again.

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