About Me

This is my cycling blog, a mixture of pictures taken out when riding and updates on where I have been and how I am getting on.

I started cycling again this year (2013) as a means to getting fit. Having just turned 42 it is time to get myself into shape ready for my midlife crisis.

Here is a quick picture of me. Hopefully over the next few months I will trim down a touch!

Me in all the gear! August 2013

Me in all the gear! August 2013

My current bike is a Specialized Hardrock Sport MTB for off-road and to tackle some of the rubbish roads we have around where we live.

I usually attempt to ride at least 10km – not far but it is quite hilly round here. I will be pushing myself harder and further over the next few months as I become fitter and faster.


I now also own a road bike. It’s a Carrera Virtuoso which I have bought to see if I like it, if I do I will get something a bit more expensive.

Below is a picture of me with the bike in some more road like gear!

Me the my road bike in October 2014

Me the my road bike in October 2014


UPDATE for July 2014

This is me in my running gear – I think I may even be a little trimmer!

Running Gear - no Idea

Running Gear – no Idea

UPDATE November 2018

After illness, a hospital stay and very little enthusiasm for cycling I have packed it all in to sit at home and run my new supplements websites – https://testosteronesupplementsbooster.com and https://nootropicsbrainpills.com/