Côte de Emley Moor

OK I know that Emley Moor wasn’t part of the Tour de France Grand Depart, but it is a hill climb (which is one of the definitions of Côte) so I’m sticking with it. Plus the Tour de France is still on at the moment so it’s still relevant and OK to mention it as many times as possible in my posts in the vain hope that it may bring more readers!

I fancied something different this time out, rather than going towards the windmills I wanted to go towards the other side of the valley where I live, so chose a route that would take me over Emley Moor past the mast. To do this I would need to ride past and around it an approach from behind. This route includes a large proportion of the Scissett Triathlon bike ride, a route I had ridden once previously, earlier in the year.

The odd thing about this route is that the first mile you ride away from the mast, with your back to it, going out towards the windmills. This is the only way to get out of the village without heading down towards the mast and for me gives an extra couple of miles onto the ride.

Once up high enough the road then descends for a couple of fast easy miles, allowing me to generate some speed though a couple of villages heading towards where the Triathlon course starts.

After that it is up towards the mast from behind. The run up to the mast is all uphill so I stopped at the bottom for a breather, the road from the Triathlon start is fairly flat so you can pedal hard and fast for a few miles, in top gear, without stopping or slowing. Knowing what was coming, the long drag up to the mast, made me think a quick breather was going to be a good idea.

Riding up towards the mast is just a long slog, something that I didn’t really enjoy that much, so much so I had to stop close to the top for another quick rest. Not something l like to do, especially as I knew that I would stop next to the mast anyway.

Once over the top there is an easy ride back down the hill towards home. The wind always blows in your face on the decent so it can be difficult to get a huge amount of speed up on here.

An enjoyable ride if not remarkable or very interesting! The most remarkable part of this ride was the amount of Strava segments I got PBs on. To be fair I have only been this way once before but still to get 26 PBs and 3 second best efforts is a really top effort.

Ride Details

Distance: 15.5 miles

Time Taken: 1:28:16

Elevation Gain: 1,112ft

Average Speed: 10.5 mph