The First Run

I finally did it, I went out for my first run! I almost managed to go out a couple of weeks ago, got changed into some gear, but by the time we had got the kids to bed I had gone off the idea, but not last night.

For some reason last night was different. I was actually going to go and run around the block. It isn’t far and it is a course that have done a couple of times on the bike when I first started just to get some fitness.

But this time I was running, no freewheeling down the hill, no sitting down and taking it easy when the heart rate increases and you feel like your chest is about to explode. Just you, some trainers and the road. Of course I have all the gear so had running shorts and a running top, which to be fair is a bit OTT for a summer run and I could have done with a t-shirt, but I’ve got it so I used it.

New headphones in, water bottle in hand, Strava run started on the phone and off I go. Uphill at first, along a straight and then downhill. Legs are heavy, heart pumping, chest screaming, no air through the nose, only gulping it in through the mouth and I’ve only done 1/2 a mile.

Back round towards where I started and I know it’s just under a mile from my bike trips on this course, so round I go again.

Just like I did when I first tried this on the bike I only get half way up the first hill and have to stop. Well walk. “This is the last time I will be this slow” I think to myself, probably right but not really helping at that precise moment. I need to slow my breathing, take some air in and start again. I would have turned around and walked back down the hill to home but I had just passed some people sitting on a wall and didn’t really want to go back past them walking having given up – strange where we get our inspiration from but I am glad I pushed myself a bit further.

I managed to go a bit further but had to walk again, not for long, just to get some air in to my sore lungs and start again. It was at this point I decided to take a shortcut back, through the estate and not all the way round the full course. I knew I was slowing and didn’t want to overdo things on the first day, “live to fight another day” I thought, “this is the first of many”.

In little over 20 minutes I was home, sweating, panting, aching all over and feeling sick. I’d got the metallic taste in my mouth I get just before I am about to throw up so dinner would have to wait. I would like to say I felt good after the run but I didn’t. I felt dreadful.

At least I wasn’t sick and after about 10 minutes of sitting outside on the decking, taking in some evening air, I felt fine. Yes the legs where stiff and I should really learn to warm down, but it didn’t matter, I was home.

I had done it, I had gone out on my first run.

Run Details

Distance: 1.6 miles

Time Taken: 20:28

Pace: 12:39 minutes / mile