Non-Stop Windmills

We had completed the Windmills ride a couple of times, along with me doing some short laps around the village circuit. This was to get me fit enough to attempt the windmills without stopping.

This was a goal, of which I had two. The first was to complete the course without stopping. The second was to complete the course and beat the guy who runs!

As it turned out I managed to achieve both goals in one. Having not seen our running partner (he usually passed us a couple of times on-route) I thought he must have taken a short cut. It turns out I had beaten him for the first time which is why I hadn’t seen him.

This ride is slightly shorter than the first one we did, as we lost the runner who knew where he was going, the two of us who ride went the wrong way!

Ride Details:

Distance: 6 miles

Time Taken: 43.29

Elevation Gain: 393ft

Not a bad ride out this one, took 8 minutes and 30 odd seconds off my first ride time so I was very pleased all round.