The Gear

If you’ve got the gear and no idea I suppose I’d better share what it is I have.

Nothing exciting, mostly stuff from Sports Direct but hey it’s a start!

Cycling shorts – 2 pairs, one tight Muddy Fox normal cycling shorts, one pair of MTB baggy shorts with seat pad

Cycling tops – 2 short-sleeved Muddy Fox with back zip pockets, one long-sleeved Muddy Fox which I use more as a jacket, Belkin team replica top (new for Sept 2014)

Rain jacket – luminous yellow rain jacket, perfect for the winter / summer in the UK which I have just bought from Aldi

Running shorts – 1 pair of running shorts from Sports Direct

Trainers – I have few pairs of trainers that I wear when I ride and a brand new pair just for running in, mostly bought on the cheap at Sports Direct!